My new obsession

So you guys I have been binge watching this incredible HBO show called Game of Thrones. How can I put this? It is freaking amazing. I have only been watching for about 4 days and I’m almost done with the 3rd season. The intro to the first episode will have you in awe, but be warned ladies and gents if you are not in to bloody beheading scenes and extreme nudity and sex then this show might not be for you. But for those who can stomach all the gore and blood you will not be able to stop watching once you start. I literally think I’ve seen at least 10 people beheaded since I’ve started watching. The ensemble that they have put together for the cast are amazing!!! Here is a trailer from season one to show you how I got obsessed.

I love how after I started watching I started to grow a certain attachment to some of the characters. It was like I could feel their pain and as if I am in every moment with them. But there also are those few characters that you can’t love no matter how hard you try, and trust me once you start watching this show you will go through a world wind of emotions from anger to excitement and from hatred to love. The worst and best part of the show is when think things are going to pan out the way you want there is always something that goes wrong. The show has you always at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. Hope everyone will be caught up before season 4 starts in April.


“Same Love” weddings during The Grammy Awards

The Grammys where full of delightful surprises, but the biggest one of all has to have been the spectacular 33 weddings that were intertwined with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” performance. Starting off can I just mention that I almost cried during the ring exchange. I felt like I was in the audience witnessing this rare occasion. It was nice how the exchange of rings changed the entire Grammy atmosphere. Another surprise to go along with the weddings themselve was Queen Latifah officiating the weddings while Madonna sang a snippet of “Open Your Heart”. All around the Staple center you could expression of amazement and enlightenment of what was going on, some of the celebs even shed a few tears at the beauty of it all. I cannot wait to see what other surprise and the next years will come out of the Grammys, if it anything like this I sure will be watching.