Chrisley Knows Best

I am down right loving this show. Chrisley and his entire family are down right hilarious, I swear my friend Karla and I are always cracking up through the entire episode. When I first started seeing the previews for this show I thought is was going to be a show ab0ut a father who wants his kids be perfect, but that is not at all what it is about. This show is more about just watching a family interact with one another and see the craziness that the kids and even the parents get into. One of my favorite episodes so far is when they go to South Carolina for Todds mothers birthday. Todd who is the patriarch of the family wants the kids to spend time with the family with no electronic devices. The kids freak out when he takes them away, they seriously act like the world is about to end. Chase, middle child, ends up finding his and takes it on the boat trip where his Todd finds it and throws it in to the river!!! It is seriously to funny cause you are in awe due to the fact that you can not believe he just did that. I guess you could say from seeing that, that Todd don’t play any games. It comes on every Tuesday on USA Network at 10/9 central time.

Here’s the first episode. Hope you guys take a look at and who knows you may even fall in love with the show


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