What’s New App

If I could come up with an app for my blog it would be called “What’s New”. It would consist of things that were new in movies, t.v., music and etc. The app would inform people on what they missed last week on one of there favorite shows, new music that has just come out, what’s g0ing on with certain celebs and a lot of other things. Here is what I vision my app would possibly look like.


This app would help people catch up on certain events that have happened in media. You would also get to interact with others who have the app and discuss new things that you found out from topics on the app. On the music portion of the app there will be links for concerts so you can go and buy tickets if you so choose. I feel that this app would be very helpful for all those avid watchers of movies, t.v. or listeners of music. They would be able to stay in tune on what was new in all different categories and get the opinion on topics from someone that might have a different opinion than them.


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