Scandal is Scandalous

Scandal is an amazing show that Shonda Rimes came up with and may I say I love it. The show circles around Olivia Pope who is a crisis fixer for people who are well known. Her and her team are known as the gladiators. The show is so scandalous due to the fact that Olivia is having an affair with the President Fitzgerald Grant. What really trips you out is that his wife Millie Grant knows about it. Even though Fitz is married to someone else Olivia is the love of his life. It really seems that whenever they are not speak or angry at one another things just don’t go the way that that they should. While watching the show you kinda feel guilty for wanting them to be together due to the fact that he is a married man but their chemistry is so amazing that you can’t help but want them together. Although they are in love there always seems to be something in the universe that does not want them to be together. I hope come the end of this season there will be a strong direction of where their relationship will go.

New episodes start this Thursday at 9 on abc:)))


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