How do you exactly know who “the one” is?

So I have been watching this show called Are You The One on Tuesdays on MTV. The shows concept really pretty simple they have 10 boys and 10 girls who are perfect matches for each other. The trick is they do not exactly know who their perfect match is they have to go to a room called the “truth booth” where you will figure out whether or not you are a match. But the catch is that you have to be chosen to go into the truth booth by the other couples in the house after winning a competition.

But my really question is how do you exactly figure out who is your perfect match? What exactly is the perfect match? Because obviously on this show like me they have no idea. As the show progresses the people in the house are more worried about having a connection with someone instead of finding their perfect match. Which is exactly what happened this week on the show. Chris T. and Shanley have been a thing in the house since the day they moved in even after the truth booth proved that they were not a match. This week Chris went to the truth booth with Paige and found out that they were a perfect match this is where it all goes bad. Chris and Shanley are “in love” and Chris doesn’t want anything to do with Paige. So how do you actually know who is perfect for you or what is perfect for you?



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